Friday 31 May 2013

80 - James Brooks: Ascension, Lavender Hill, London, 1874-83.

                  Designed in 1874 by James Brookes (1825-1901). 
                  Owing to difficulties with the foundations of the new church, the clients became
                        worried at the unforeseen expense, and he was dismissed as architect.
                        The work was continued by J. T. Micklewaite and G. Somers Clarke, who
                        completed the church closely to Brooks’ original design, but with cost-cutting       
                        measures. Some of Brooks's design features, such as the carving of the stone
                        capitals in the nave, the tower with steeple and a carved stone reredos were
                        not completed.
                  The church is in Lavender Hill, Battersea, the A3036, SW11 5TU, midway 
                         between Battersea Park and Clapham Common.
                  Present parish pries is Father Iain Clavering Young.
                  Some photos by RT April 2014, others from internet sources, gratefully
                          acknowledged. Any copyright material removed on request.
                  For other churches in this location or by this architect see posts 100
                        and 101, June 2013.
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