Saturday 26 April 2014

214 - George Gilbert Scott, Jnr.: St Mark, Leamington, Warks, 1879.

                       Designed by George Gilbert Scott, Junior, (1839-97). Consecrated 1879.  
                       Paid for by the brothers of Lady Frances wheeler, in her memory. One of these
                              brothers was the first vicar.
                       Design of the painted chancel roof by C.J.Blomfield, 1904.
                       Screen by G.F.Bodley, 1904. 
                       Stained glass by Kempe. 
                       The church is in Rugby Road, CV32 6DD. 
                       Photos by RT, April 2014. 
                       For other churches in this location or by this architect see posts 100
                           and 101, June 2013.
                      Click to enlarge the photos.

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