Saturday 26 April 2014

221 - Richard Cromwell Carpenter et al.: St Paul, Brighton, 1848-74.

                     Designed in 1848 by Richard Cromwell Carpenter (1812-55), tower
                             by his son Richard Herbert Carpenter (1841-93), narthex added
                             1874 by G.F.Bodley (1827-1907).
                     Screen by Bodley, lectern by Hardman. Chancel roof decoration by
                             Bodley. Chancel arch paintings by Clayton & Bell. 
                     Original reredos, by Burne Jones, now in Brighton Museum.
                     Stained glass by A.W.N.Pugin and Kempe. 
                     Built for H.M.Wagner and his son Arthur D.Wagner. 
                     For index of other churches in this location or by this architect see
                           posts 101 and 102, June 2013.
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Street and sea front context. 


View into church from the narthex.
Entrance access corridor. 

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